Centre for Real-World Evidences

Database of the National Health Insurance Fund gives us a unique opportunity to analyse the real-world evidence of an entire therapeutic area or a given therapy. The database includes medical reports of more than 12 million people over 12 years with more than 5 billion records.


Available epidemiologic data includes the incidence and prevalence of a disease in the study population.


Demographic data includes the distribution of the studied patient population by age, sex and other variables.

Real-life effectiveness

Real-life effectiveness data provides information on the survival, mortality, morbidity and safety of the study population.

Therapeutic pathways

We can analyse mono and polytherapies, treatment duration, treatment patterns, add-on therapies along with persistence and adherence.


The analysis of co-morbidities provides information on the most common additional diseases in the studied patient population.

Burden of disease

In our analyses, we can determine the direct burden of certain diseases in terms of public healthcare spending.

The research questions can be divided in four main categories

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