Health Technology Assessments for Success

Nowadays, health technology assessments (HTA) are essential criteria to make coverage and reimbursement decisions and have become a key element of market access in most European countries.

Health Technology Assessments for SuccessBy the assessments, our company confirms the marketability of new health technologies and facilitating and supporting substantiated health care financing decisions. MediConcept Ltd. has experience in developing global value dossiers where background information and summary of the economic, clinical, humanistic values are presented for a new product. We have a broad knowledge on different types of health economic assessments in combination with sensitivity analyses which determine how the projected performance can be affected by changes in assumptions.

Modeling and model adaptation also play a basic role in health economic analyses to synthesize the best available evidence in a mathematical framework, to compare all relevant options, to extrapolate costs and effectiveness beyond trial data, to make comparisons of alternative competing interventions and support resource allocation decisions. Models can gather information from multiple sources but important data is sometimes missing to provide robust economic evidence. We have a wide experience in filling these gaps by clinicians and expert consultations, conducting surveys and questionnaires. Our company has filed over 150 applications, of which nearly all had positive evaluations and were included to the positive list in Hungary.

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